Iconic Poetry - Poems on Life's Favorite Icons  

Delightfully fresh, 

This upbeat collection of rhyming poems offers an almost iconic take on some of the world's most icon brands we love to love.

Modern day poet, Sara Lauritzen, has captured the spirit and essence of life's current trends in her charmingly casual style. Prepare to be tickled!

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Mamma Latte


"A shriek filled the air, tinged with notes of despair

We're all out of coffee! Dare we declare?

To her who's awoken on the wrong side of happy

That her day's sure to be, a trial short of zappy


Tell her, should we? That the long hours will be tough

Without that creamy, delicious brown stuff

Unless...thinks the man and the boy, in time

Hurry! We can make it, it'll be so fine

We'll sneak out to Starbucks with some notes and a dime......"


Face on the Wall


"Memories forgotten grace my wall in debate

Who is the funniest in comment of late?

Close or new met, friend's expressions unfold

Revealing once popular humor retold


A post, or a photo, I like or I don't

I'll tell you with honesty, hurt you I won't

Said too quickly, too late, posting lends to create

Fallout most certainly, no mercy...no wait!......"


A Little Bird Told Me


"I said it, he said it, they tweeted the word out

Shut away at home or out and about

Let the world know, in a second or two

What's deep down inside or on the surface with you


Ping, bing or ring, tweets the call from afar

Telling words, actions, regrets

To an audience on par


I'm sorry, I love you, I'm better than great

If let out, everyone knows, it gets round before late......"

Copyright 2011 Sara Lauritzen

All rights reserved




"You are about to read rhyming words of poetic praise for some of life's current favorite icons, starting with my favorite poem "Mamma Latte".

Mamma Latte was lovingly penned one fine Sunday morning while living in Dubai in 2007. A shriek really did fill the air, when I realized we were all out of coffee. I had forgotten to buy more the day before and peering into the empty coffee canister made me long for the drive-thru Starbucks I used to frequent while living in the States.

I was convinced it was going to be a rough day and over a coffee-less breakfast the words of Mamma Latte flowed through my head so strongly I just had to write them down......"

About the Author

Australian born, Sara Lauritzen, is a modern-day poet. Words are her passion, especially if they rhyme. Sara has lived abroad for years and travelled the world, experiencing many different cultures and languages along the way. Sara lives in Virginia, USA, with her husband, two boys and a cat. This is her first book of Poetry.






Winner 2012 "Poetry" Category

Most Innovative Book of Poetry

Winner of the 2011 "Poetry" Category

2011 "Poetry"
Honorable Mention

2011 "Poetry" Runner Up

2011 "Poetry"
Honorable Mention


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